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Raven Bill from The Bell Hanuse Longhouse  circa 1885

Kwakwaka Village Isl. BC.

A beautiful sculpture with well-preserved aze marks.

Rescued from beneath the rotting ruins of the Bell Hanuse Long House (See photographs, the bill is leaning against the fallen long beam)

The three earlier photographs show the Raven and Wolf house posts with their very bill still attached! 

This powerful sculpture is in fine condition.

A Vancouver lawyer legally purchased it, and it was eventually acquired by the late Billy Jamieson in Toronto, Ontario.



The Bell Hause longhouse was one of the last truly magnificent remaining Kwakwaka cultural center. 

The final potlatch at this house took place in 1922, when the R.C.M.P raided this cultural event. Much of the paraphernalia was confiscated, and many participants were convicted by Indian Agent W.M. Halliday. As a result, 23 innocent persons have been imprisoned at Okalla Prison in New Westminster, BC.

Following this tragic event in BC history, the Bell Hanuse Longhouse fell into disrepair, first the roof, then the wings in all four house posts, and finally the entire structure collapsed.

This large Raven bill is of historic importance! And it is the very last remanent of the Bell Hanuse Longhouse.


Long 56” – 142cm  plus  Peg 4” – 10cm

High 15” – 38 cm    Wide  12” – 30cm


Kwakwaka Village Isl. B.C

A Vancouver lawyer legally bought it, and it was later acquired by the late Billy Jamieson in Toronto, Ontario.


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